4 Common Photocopier Problems & How to Resolve Them Now

Posted by CBM on Jul 7, 2020 10:30:00 AM

Copiers have long been the scapegoat machine of the office—the annoyance that bonds everyone at the office.

Besides a universal laundry list of grievances, what might be the most frustrating thing about photocopiers is that they always seem to give us the same headaches.

Photocopier problems | Photocopiers Edmonton | Managed Print

Why can’t copiers keep up with all our other advancing technologies?

These seemingly prehistoric creatures are actually very, very essential today despite the digital transformation happening in most industries in the past decade. To turn these foes into allies, however, we need to tackle the things we can change.

How can you manage print and photocopiers?

The first thing we can change: how we use and maintain our photocopiers to optimize our day-to-day work. Below are 5 of the most common photocopier woes that we face daily and how to resolve them.

1) Paper jams

Most people don’t know the root causes of paper jams, and there are many.

  • Misaligned paper — If a ream of paper isn’t properly aligned inside your copier, that’s often the perfect recipe for a paper jam. Always double-check paper placement, whether you or someone else loaded the machine.
  • Sticky paper — You should always be checking the smoothness of your paper. Often, glue from the ream package can end up sticking individual sheets together, which your copier doesn’t like.
  • The weight of your paper — Not all copiers can handle all types of sheets. Standard photocopiers and MFDs have maximum weights of paper that they can handle. Check your device’s specifications if you’re unsure.
  • Dirty or messy trays — Why do paper trays need monthly cleaning? Accumulated dirt, stray staples or paperclips, and other debris can seep into your photocopier’s rollers. This doesn’t just lead to paper jams. Unmaintained machines are more susceptible to permanent damage, which could cost you a lot.

2) Lighter or darker copies

Some copies need to be an exact match. If your copies are coming out too light or too dark, there are a few possible causes.

Your copier could have an imbalance in its density controls, which could have been tampered (deliberately or accidentally) by someone else. Your best bet to solve this is to reset those levels.

Photocopier toner | Toner Returns | Managed Print Edmonton

Or, if the copier hasn’t been used in quite a while, its toner could have gone bad. Remember: toner, unlike ink, doesn’t dry out and can last well after its advertised shelf life. But old, expired cartridges tend to yield rougher results, especially if not stored properly.

3) Streaks and deformities

You know those pesky, shadow-like lines and splotches that show up on your copies sometimes? Completely preventable. The first step is to clean the scanner glass and mirrors, getting rid of any rogue substances. Your device’s user manual should have detailed cleaning instructions (or, someone can service it for you).

Unwanted lines, streaks, and other deformities might also be caused by:

  • A malfunction with your fuser unit
  • A drum-blade malfunction
  • A developer unit malfunction, if it’s none of the above

4) Wrinkled paper

Few things look as unprofessional as bringing a wrinkled document to a client meeting. Wrinkling is usually the result of either your paper trays or exit rollers being worn-out. Moisture and humidity within the machine can also mess with a copier’s performance.

The next time you spot this common problem, consider getting the fuser assembly fixed. If it’s an issue with paper trays, those are easy to buy and replace.

The best solution for photocopier and print management

If all of this copier maintenance and print management sounds like a lot of work, that’s because it is. And I’m not suggesting you do it alone.

Consider asking for help from the fully managed service team for photocopiers Edmonton business owners have trusted for more than 45 years.

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