During COVID-19, Does Your Business Need Managed IT More Than Ever?

Posted by Robert Craig on Mar 25, 2020 10:04:00 AM


We know that this is a deeply concerning time. First on our minds is the health and happiness of our families, friends, partners, colleagues, and other loved ones. The next lingering concern is the state of business—our industries, business owners, and the resulting struggle to make ends meet that many families are facing.

The safety measures in place to contain COVID-19 are necessary, but the changes our businesses have to make won’t be easy.

If your business has never planned to allow employees to work remotely, you’re not alone.  Many companies like yours are still grappling with how they can enable staff to work anywhere outside the office because it was never previously done.

Managed IT | IT Support | IT Services Edmonton

We’re prepared to support you, whether you’re still at the office, working from home, or transitioning to remote work entirely.

These are the ways we are committed to helping you.

  1. We’ll actively respond to your support calls

CBM is more prepared than ever to give Help Desk support. We understand that you’re too busy to grapple with troubleshooting and you can’t afford application crashes right now.

  1. We’ll guard you against cybersecurity threats

Do you know who else is stuck at home? Hackers. They’ve never had more time to hone their skills—and businesses have never been more vulnerable. As we speak, cybercriminals are leveraging the panic around COVID-19 and planning sophisticated attacks on your business.

CBM provides uninterrupted updates for servers, networks, and workstations to keep you safe from these attacks.

  1. We’ll move you to cloud storage

Where does your data live? Is it stuck on the company computers, having you scrambling to transport everything onto your home computers during the quarantine?

IT Support | Managed IT | IT Services Edmonton

Be one step ahead. Moving all your files and work applications (Word, Excel, etc.) to cloud-based storage can take as little as 2 days. That means you save hours manually backing up everything.

Once you’ve migrated to an online application storage service like Office 365, your employees can work from home offices. This seriously speeds up your transition to getting back to business as (somewhat) usual.

  1. We’ll monitor your network speed and safety, 24/7

We’re continuing to install updates for servers, networks, and workstations. Those aforementioned cybercriminals don’t just attack through malicious links and software installations—much like airborne human viruses (which COVID-19 might be), hackers can infiltrate your employees’ devices through their Internet connections.

Let this be one less thing to worry about. CBM can be the proactive team guarding your business network. We’ve been in print technology and IT services in Edmonton for 45 years.

There are managed IT providers in Edmonton ready to help.

Like most business owners right now, you might be getting desperate for ways to survive the impending economic downturn. Before you start making cuts, consider this: eliminating expenses cannot be your sole strategy to endure a recession that may last years.

Here’s a wiser, more calculated approach to ensuring business continuity:

Consider investing in efficient technologies that will help your team work faster and prevent IT disasters that could further damage your business. This advice is crucial in a period of transition and change management. If you want to thrive and not just survive, you have to prioritize better, long-term operational performance.

Whether you're ready to make the transition or already have, we are ready to support you. Click here to see how we can help.

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