Do You Really Need Managed IT Support?

Posted by CBM on Feb 20, 2020 11:49:10 AM

Have you ever said the same word so many times that it lost its meaning? Try saying “money” over and over again. It starts to fall numb onto your ears after a while.

Managed IT | IT Support | IT Services Edmonton

Seeing the same words over and over can get pretty dull, too. That about sums up how we feel about “managed IT.”

It’s getting redundant to an exhausting point. Businesses are trying to sell you “top-notch” services or “guaranteed cost-savings”, thinking they’re saying different things when they’re really repeating the same words back and forth in a deafening noise chamber.

When was the last time you felt you actually connected to the words they were saying?


Why your technology matters

IT isn’t about computers and networks. It’s about people—making their lives easier, helping them connect across large distances. Keeping them moving closer towards their goals, professional and personal.

So, you would think that it’s enough to keep your computers generally functional and to have someone to call for bug fixes and support. Right?

Well, that’s a start.


Do you like to be calm?

Unless you’re a technology expert yourself, it’s hard to know what’s happening behind the scenes of your company’s cables and servers. That’s why it’s important to have a relationship with the people behind the scenes.

If you trust in the people behind your systems, you trust your systems more. When you read the news of the latest terrifying data breach, you’re not going to be anxious about the fate of your own personal information.

Calling tech support across the globe gets a job done, but rarely answers any questions for you.

Meeting your local support specialist face-to-face—and having a conversation about your security face-to-face—makes the mysteries of your IT tangible and real.


Does customer service matter to you?

When we talk about the human component of your IT, we’re not just talking about your relationship with a support team.

Helping you improve your client relationships is one of the primary goals of people-focused managed IT.

Managed IT | IT Support | IT Services Edmonton

Those pesky behind-the-scenes problems are often slowing down your access to the Internet or causing software crashes. Less debugging time and faster responses to device issues get you back to work faster.

That’s not just helping you. That’s helping your customer.

Do you have blind faith in technology?

There’s nothing more dangerous than that.

Although there’s a lot of advancement to celebrate, uninformed trust in technology is what leads many companies feeling invincible in a time where threats are more prevalent than ever.

Trusting the most advanced, updated technology to keep you safe on its own is like trusting your front door to protect your home from burglars. There are ways to bust down that door.

And without a security system—or the police to catch that burglar—he’ll continue to slip in and out like butter with everyone’s precious belongings.

Nothing that humans create can truly work without humans to support it. Until we can create perfect artificial intelligence that simulates human consciousness, this will always be a fact of life.

Keep in mind: not just any kind of support will enhance your security or efficiency. Support needs to be attentive, honest, and compassionate.


Will managed IT benefit me?

Be wary of all hollow-sounding promises of managed IT cost-savings. Don’t get me wrong: better technology can and should help you perform better and, in turn, help your business achieve its growth goals. However, the companies offering to “save you money” with inexpensive IT solutions are likely the offering low-quality, quick-fix support.

The moral of this spiel: look for good people. Anyone with the right combination of education and experience can tell you the difference between a solid network infrastructure and a weak one.

Not everyone is a reliable, trustworthy person. Try your best to find them.

So, do you really need managed IT support? We’ll let you answer that one for yourself. But if you don’t feel like you’re fully informed, we can answer some questions.

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