How We Revolutionized Print Management in Canada

Posted by CBM on Jan 17, 2020 11:12:37 AM

This is the story of Steward.

Steward has been a good friend of ours for a while. It was only born twelve years ago, but it’s pretty advanced for its age.

Around 2008, Steward became a solution to a pervasive problem. That problem usually goes something like this:

People have printers. Printers are slow, quick to jam, and tough to manage.

People call their printer manufacturers. They wait on the phone for hours.

The issue (slow performance, a jam, an outage, ghost printing, etc.) won’t be fixed for weeks.

People get frustrated.

We saw this as a gap in the market—and a golden opportunity.


The age of the customer

It should come to no surprise that one of the biggest frustrations for customers is having to wait on hold for support. When surveyed about quality of support, 33% of customers said they were most frustrated by repeating their issues to multiple support reps.

When you sit on hold waiting for a manufacturer’s support, it’s obvious that you’re losing precious time. In a business climate that’s increasingly focused on customer satisfaction, we broke the mould and decided to do support ourselves.


Why do we treat printers differently?

Printers aren’t much different from any other electronic device. Most office printers are multi-functional now, and they’re critical for sending and receiving information. They need to stay operational so we can stay operational.

We couldn’t imagine life without IT support or large businesses without dedicated IT departments. We don’t rely on our employees in accounts payable or human resources to fix software bugs.

Why do we expect our employees to be experts on printers and copiers?

Print Management - CBM |

This is why we brought Steward into the world. We needed a way to help you diagnose problems when printers aren’t performing the way they should. This proactive, online system would send alerts to us—the print management team—to get things fixed or prevented.

That’s exactly what Steward does. To dive a bit deeper, Steward and our managed print team have teamed up to ensure that:

1. You’re always producing paper

When you’re faced with paper jam or machine outage, you can’t expect the push of a button to deliver salvation. You can, however, rely on Steward to immediately report these problems. It reports paper shortages and jams and lets our support team know right away.

2. You’re getting toner replaced at the right time

Instead of panicking when you run out entirely, what if your toner always shipped to your door when you needed it? Again, Steward makes it possible. It can send alerts to the managed print team to send replacement toner when your printer is at 10 percent, 20 percent, or another preferred minimum toner level.

3. You have visibility and control

It’s a platform that keeps you in the loop. You’ll know that when something goes wrong, help is on the way. You get a bit more peace of mind and one less headache in your day.

Want to get acquainted with Steward? Ask us how we can enhance your printer performance and give you more control.

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