The Top 4 IT Problems that Damage Employee Productivity

Posted by CBM on Oct 18, 2019 3:29:25 PM

Fewer things are more frustrating than technology problems. A Robert Half Technology survey discovered that employees waste an appalling 22 minutes every day dealing with IT-related issues.

Added up, that’s slightly over 2 weeks per year. That could be vacation time.

If you’re looking for one explanation for decreasing productivity in your business, we’ve pinpointed the most time-consuming IT problems that we’re pretty sure are plaguing your employees’ productivity.


1. Data loss

Your people are doing great work, and they’re probably doing most of it electronically.

Most of us trust the accessibility and ease of storing important documents electronically. But we take for granted they can just as easily get stolen or lost during system outages.

With unsecured systems, hackers can steal or corrupt information from any individual device—or the whole company.

Solution: Back up your data in cloud software. The built-in autosave feature in most cloud software will prevent permanent file loss caused by unexpected outages or cyberattacks.


2. Poor document storage

Employees who lose their data have to waste time finding it. Looking for files in a poorly document system is a time-draining activity.

Solution: Find a more user-friendly document storage system. Get your employees trained on how to use it and how to comply with the company’s document management standards. Make sure your platform is intuitive enough that very little training is necessary.

A managed IT provider can help you find the right storage fit for your company’s unique needs. You can outsource the training and get help with customizing the system for you.


3. Slow computers

Computers don’t always make life easier.

Programs crash, cursors freeze, and files take a century to download. We expect these mundane, frustrating problems—yet we do little to solve them.

Solution: Hire help desk people. IT staff make a world of a difference in giving valuable time back to your employees. Instead of scrambling for troubleshooting steps on Google, they can call an expert who have fixed the same technical issues hundreds of times.


4. Malicious emails

Behind the scenes, malware could be causing some of your slowdowns.

Without a filter on your email system, scammers and hackers can easily infiltrate with malware. Malware, short for malicious software, is any downloadable program or file that’s built to steal your data or spy on you.

They sound big and bad, but they’re much more subtle than you’d expect. The cautious workers who actively search for these threats waste time trying to figure out if emails are safe or malicious.

Solution: Your organization should have email filters. Outlook, Gmail and most major email systems can filter your inbox for spam and emails from suspicious addresses.

As a crucial preventative measure, include email security training in your employee onboarding process. When getting them set up, help them recognize spam and phishing emails—or include e-Learning (videos or short online courses) in their training circuit.


At the end of the day, your employees spend way more time wrestling with technology than they need to.

Offload some of this stress and let your business run more smoothly. Lock down an IT support team that’s reliable, flexible and on-demand.

Still figuring out how to choose a managed service provider? Find out what CBM can do to improve productivity throughout your business.

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