Most Managed IT Providers Are Missing This Crucial Thing

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There’s a lot of noise out there.

The buzz around automation, cybersecurity, and cloud migration is relentless. Ads and emails pull you in every direction, with every managed IT service provider saying the same thing: we’re the best at what we do! Choose us!

Everyone has already told you that managed services are a worthwhile investment in your organization’s flexibility, security, and long-term cost-savings. Many of these services claim to have a one-size-fits-all approach and software.

You know well that none of them are exactly insiders. Do they actually understand your day-to-day operations?

What does your business really need?

We’re not going to assume we know everything about you. But we can guess that you like honesty.

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If Managed IT Company #156 says it’s different because it sells Vendor #7’s awesome software instead of Vendor #8’s incredible software, it’s not really saying anything about the service.

With the competition so intense—the value of the global managed services market is expected to reach USD $296 billion by 2023—managed IT companies are running out of unique ways to describe the same thing. It should take more than sparkly messaging to convince you that they can provide service that fits.

How to choose a managed service provider (MSP)

The big secret about managed IT services is that most of them are the same. With a few exceptions, they provide most of the same services. There are only a few real things that set one apart from the other:

  • Proven experience. Is their team comprised of diversely skilled experts? Have they helped businesses in their industry? Do they have proof that they’ve built successful long-term partnerships?
  • Scope of knowledge. Are they a thought leader in their field that provides regular technology insights?
  • Scope of expertise. Sure, they can make your network run faster. But what about helping increase your print efficiency and automating your scanning workflows? Technology doesn’t stop at computers.

  • People. Are they honest? Patient? Do you feel that they actively listen? Do they make promises that you’re skeptical about? Many managed IT companies don’t have the right people on their teams to back up their claims of excellence.

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all managed service. It takes some investigation to find the right fit.


Managed services shouldn’t stop at IT

You know what it feels like to call the plumber, the electrician, the cable guy, and the miscellaneous repairs lady. It’s a headache and the costs quickly add up.

At work, all of your devices and technological systems need on-going maintenance and support. There is a way to reduce your support touchpoints. You can have one dedicated team of technology experts to keep your office connected.

CBM knows technology. And that’s not just computers, tablets, hard drives, servers, networks, and operating systems.

If it has cable, we can manage it—and make it better. From printers and scanners to desktops and mobile devices, CBM combines print expertise with experience in digital transformation to provide a multi-faceted solution. We’ve been working closely with print technology for the last 45 years, and we know what optimizations your printer fleet needs to help you drive success.

Find out how our top-to-bottom solutions can simplify your operations.

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