How to Turn Paper into Progress with Scanning Workflow Software

Posted by CBM on Nov 6, 2019 11:09:48 AM

This month, the CBM team was proud to host another successful showcase of office innovation.

Tina LeBlanc and Karen Fox from Sharp Electronics of Canada Ltd presented the new kingpin of the scanning world: a new software that automates scanning workflows. For those seeking the bridge between digitization and printers in the workplace, this was it.

Technology has transformed the way you do business and share information. It has also changed consumer expectations. Since modern customers are accustomed to getting information quickly, they also expect you to be plugged in 24/7, with faster and faster response times.

And although online applications save you a lot of time, widespread access to the Internet means you have to compete in a globalized market. With increasing competition, delivering efficient service is becoming even more urgent for survival.

What your customers don’t see is how long it can take to collect the information they need.


The struggle of document management

You have tons of information and emails stored in folders. Some of that is ROT (redundant, obsolete or trivial), but it’s hard to tell what’s useful and what isn’t when you have inconsistently named files and disorganized storage.

When a customer calls and you’re shuffling through a mess to find information they need, you lose critical time—and at worst, your credibility.

Paper will always be around. We can’t stop that. However, even where paper is mission-critical, digital storage and the ability to instantly share electronic copies are becoming crucial.

Many businesses that rely on paper are moving towards centralized data.

That’s what document management systems do. If you have one already, you know how well it centralizes your information while helping you control who can access and share information. Unlike physical filing rooms that can’t tell you what happens to documents, digitized information centres like OneDrive and SharePoint reduce costly security risks and save you tons of searching time.


How do I manage my hardcopies?

Many office spaces are plagued with inconsistencies in the way paper documents are scanned, named, stored, transferred, and emailed. With a scanner that automates each step of the way, you reduce miscommunication and errors.

The right scanning solution can help you funnel paper documents into your digital document management system quickly and easily.

You can also reduce hardcopy document storage costs by digitizing files immediately.

Today’s printers and photocopiers do much more than print and copy. Some of them are capable of acting as your office’s portal.


An innovative solution

In the same way your smartphone gives you user-friendly and immediate access to its functions—like a personal portal to everything you need—Drivve | Image scanning software simplifies the paths you take to get work done.

Drivve | Image also lets you:

  • Scan files directly into SharePoint, OneDrive and Google Drive
  • Convert scanned images into editable formats (PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel, etc)
  • Build complex workflow processes in minutes
  • Identify barcodes and use them to index documents
  • Send emails and faxes directly from the device


Scanning workflow solutions like this are easy to install and implement with a managed print service. It’s about time you do something about all that pesky loose paper.

Ready to digitize? Want automated scanning in your office? Get a free assessment of your current print environment—we want to see how we can help.


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