5 Reasons You Need to Migrate to the Cloud

Posted by CBM on Feb 26, 2020 2:13:15 PM


With increasing demands for faster response times and smoother delivery, most businesses are barely able to keep up, let alone break the mould and innovate. It should no longer take any convincing to adapt to digital solutions.

Cloud migration might the missing piece in your development. What benefits can you really expect when you move the cloud?

1. Accessibility from anywhere

Mobile technology is becoming an extension of human life. Unfortunately, if you can’t do work on the move or from home, you fall behind on stakeholder expectations.

The main benefit of the cloud is that it moves with you. It helps you collaborate with your team on shared documents, communicate faster, and deliver customer service no matter where you are.

2. More scalability

As your business grows and your customers expect more, you need space to grow and fit those demands. SaaS cloud storage allows you to scale your resources to keep up with increasing demands.

3. Enhanced security

Computers are fickle things. When your data is stored locally on a hard drive, you risk critical losses at the hands of device failure. What happens when no amount of wrestling can bring your desktop back to life? That essential piece of work is lost until your computer starts working again.

You can’t just rely on any cloud platform, though. Do your research on their unique security features. The industry’s top SaaS cloud platforms update regularly with security patches that ensure your data is truly safe.

4. No capital expenditures

You’re not paying for machines. If your systems are properly migrated, the cloud integrates seamlessly with your business. With a pay-as-you-go subscription model, you incur lower storage costs—and fewer headaches.

5. Reduced maintenance costs

When your hardware is owned by vendors and stored off-site, you reduce the need for in-house IT staff. That hardware is in the hands of the vendor—so it doesn’t drain your time and money.

With no routine maintenance on your servers, you free up your IT staff’s time so they can focus on more important initiatives. You might even find you can reduce the size of your staff. Businesses without in-house IT benefit, too, from a reduced need for third-party hardware repairs.

Before you migrate…

It might be wise to prepare a proof of concept (POC). Although you can never predict all issues that might arise after your cloud migration, the POC is a good model with which to map out possible challenges. After researching your options for cloud platforms, include these questions in your proof of concept:

  • How complex will the migration be?
  • How reliable is this new cloud platform?
  • What network challenges will need to be resolved before migrating the application?
  • What is the quality of this cloud provider’s support? Where will you get additional support?

If you’re not convinced that you should move your business to the cloud, talk to someone who’s ready to answer your questions. CBM has a team of cloud experts that’s ready to get you migrated. Click here to find out how.


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