The True Cost of Office Equipment Downtime

Posted by CBM on Oct 29, 2019 4:03:19 PM

To optimists, technology makes our lives easier. Cynics would say it’s just giving us new problems.

They’re both right, to an extent. IT issues that plague everyone’s office equipment—think slow printers and paper jams—can drain an average of 91 hours a year. In a business of 25 people, that adds up to 2275 wasted work hours.

Equipment and network issues can cause serious inefficiencies and decreased productivity in your organization. That can lead to serious revenue loss.

Often, IT specialists will call a third-party provider to get printer repairs. Those services calls can cost anywhere between $40 and $400. Add up the number of times in a year that employees call for technical support. That’s a lot of spending.

How do you figure out the real cost of a printer or computer outage? What’s the damage it’ll do to your business?

Several factors determine the potential severity of equipment downtime, such as:

  • Your company’s annual revenue
  • Number of employees
  • Number of downtime hours

The true answer: you’ll never know the exact cost until downtime hits you. Here are a few tips to reduce downtime for your mission-critical office equipment.


Tip #1: Choose devices that fit your business

Avoiding excessive downtime—and the costs associated with it—is only possible with a solid foundation. Do your printers and their output capabilities match your company’s workload? Think about the number of people using this device, your peak periods, and your monthly output volume. Choose devices with only the features you need, and make sure they can handle your company’s workload.


Tip #2: Let your equipment rest

People don’t function without sleep. Our mechanical colleagues aren’t much different. Just like you, your printers need rest to perform better.

Get printers that are programmed to automatically shut off at night and wake up in the morning.


Tip #3: Train your staff

Employees should be familiar with all the tech they use at the office. This goes back to that alarming statistic of 91 wasted working hours; the more workers fiddle with machines they don’t understand how to use, the more time gets drained from productive activity.

Fewer problems arise when your staff know their printers in and out—and how to tackle minor technical issues. Use this preventative measure to reduce the chances of another shutdown.


Tip #4: Schedule regular maintenance

Again, we humans and our printers are not so different. While employees need regular performance reviews, printers need check-ups to ensure little issues don’t grow into larger ones. A monthly maintenance contract with a managed print service provider guarantees that your devices are being cared for.


Tip #5: Know when it’s time for a change

You know it’s sensible to upgrade your computers when new operating systems are available or to replace them entirely when they’re too slow for your company.

The most fool-proof solution to reducing downtime is getting better machines. Printer technology is improving at a dizzying speed. Still, innovation is futile when paired with clunky processes. The key to maximizing uptime and reducing friction is automating your workflows as much as possible.

You can’t just buy change in a box. Change is a long-term process, and you can facilitate change management with the help of a print expert.

Downtime is still unavoidable, but you can mitigate the impact of downtime if your managed print program provides:

  • A dedicated printing expert who knows the ins and outs of your business
  • Proactive maintenance and regular monitoring of your systems
  • A team-based approach that pools together print and IT expertise and collaborates with you to keep your devices performing in the long term


To keep your company productive and its equipment cost-effective, you shouldn’t just invest in better technology. You need people with the technical expertise to proactively maintain your machines, so you don’t have to.

A knowledgeable managed print service team can provide strategic advice on the products and services that streamline and secure your business. Find out how your business can benefit from managed print.

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