How We Became a Top Sharp Print Management Service in Alberta

Posted by CBM on Nov 5, 2020 8:45:00 AM

It’s a very short tale, but CBM is now a top Sharp print management service in Alberta. Read all about it in this blog post.

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The story of Sharp printer service in Alberta

Not long ago, a major American holdings corporation that sells print products and services (Xerox) purchased Digitex. As a result of the purchase by Xerox, Digitex’s old partner Sharp no longer supplies the following to support their clients:

  • Parts
  • Supplies
  • Firmware
  • Technical support

So, a hole in the Alberta printer services market formed. It created a vacuum in Sharp printer services for Digitex and caused their ability to provide device support to Sharp machines very difficult. Albertans everywhere were lost and confused; they didn’t know where to turn to for help.

Many of them thought they might have to dispose of their existing Sharp printer fleets and replace them with entirely new products and solutions that Xerox could support.

But one day, another print management service provider called CBM Office Automation appeared, and they set up a robust support system founded upon their existing relationship with the Sharp manufacturer.

Very quickly, CBM managed to deliver the Sharp printer parts, supplies, and technical support that had fallen into darkness back up to the surface and into the hands of the clients who needed them.

But there are still some people stuck in the lurch.

How can we help with continued Sharp printer support?

We don’t want clients who use Sharp devices to suffer from a supply chain failure, so we’re picking up where they left off.

As a Sharp authorized service provider and partner with a strong relationship with this manufacturer, we can fill this gap in your device support in three easy steps.

1. Keep your Sharp devices

There is no need to change out your printer fleet. We can service, monitor, and supply toner for all of your Sharp devices.

You get to keep the products and technology you’ve chosen without the added costs of time and money associated with replacing your printers with other devices and potentially re-training your staff to use the new products and systems.

2. Transition service providers painlessly

We know any transition from one device or service provider to another can be frustrating and time-consuming. With CBM, we move your devices back to a proven managed print and office automation system quickly and seamlessly so you can keep your operations running optimally.

We create a print management system that combines expert support, automatic toner refills, and one-touch scanning workflows to make your office technology work for you—not the other way around.

3. Spend less on customer and technical support

By choosing CBM for your Sharp print management services, you get the added benefit of better customer service and technical support.

Our around-the-corner service means we have 14 technicians in Edmonton within our IT and OA division ready to support your technical needs. If you live outside the city, never fear. We have many other technicians across Alberta prepared to jump in and offer support.

Our after-hours help desk also ensures you can get the help you need outside typical working hours. We all know when your devices decide not to cooperate, they won’t care what time it is.

Can we all live happily ever after?

Your business shouldn’t be left in the dark; all you need is someone to show you the light.

The service provider you choose to support your print management needs should have the capability to supply your existing fleet with the Sharp supplies and support necessary to keep your business operating smoothly. Your provider should also champion reliable, local customer service to quickly and efficiently support you over the phone or in-person. 

Does it sound like you need our help? Stay Sharp with CBM print management services.

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