4 Ways Managed IT Can Help You Through the Remote Work Era

Posted by Robert Craig on Apr 9, 2020 9:16:19 AM

We’re lucky to live in a digital era. There are thousands of tools at our disposal to communicate better, improve our productivity, and innovate. If we were facing a virus outbreak at a less advanced time, we would be struggling.


Still, managing these advanced digital tools isn’t easy. And using them to the best of their potential requires a willingness to adapt and transform the way we work.

Owners and teams everywhere are trying their best to transform the way they operate their business in order to improve efficiency when working remotely.


Whether your business has some experience operating online or none at all, we’ve broken down some of the components of an efficient digital workforce that can thrive in a time like this. In addition to knowledge, establishing and fostering this kind of professional culture requires open-mindedness, a bit of expertise and the right toolkit.


4 Digital Transformation Tips from Managed IT Experts

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  1. Stay Connected 

When your teams are spread across multiple workstations, communication is your first and most obvious concern.


When working from home, employees tend to feel isolated and less certain about how to prioritize their workloads. It’s important to combat this by fostering a digital culture with consistent, company-wide communication channels (other than email).


Put strong communications and project management workflows in place. Keep teams communicating through your established professional communication channel and reach out to employees often to ask what tools or help they need to keep up with their workload.


You should also ensure your employees have a stable and fast home internet connection. Social distancing orders have led to an increase in global internet usage, and with entire families at homes most the time, you’re probably experiencing slower Wi-Fi. If employees are seriously plagued with slow internet, recommend changing plans or installing Wi-Fi router extenders.


  1. Back it all up

Few things are more frustrating than data loss. As thousands of businesses move to working from home, cloud computing has never been more widely used.


Organizations that are using a public cloud will find themselves sharing more real estate with other users. On top of that, hackers have been more active these days. That’s why it’s critical to have a backup plan for your backup plan. Always prepare for the worst-case scenario.


Ask questions like: does our public cloud infrastructure provide enough space? Is it scalable enough or secure enough for the level of data confidentiality my organization needs? Do my employees have easy, fast access to their files? Are our applications getting regular performance and security updates, or do I have to go through a manual software upgrade every few years?


That brings us to…


  1. Get Expert Help

Since every black-hat hacker knows that businesses are in the middle of major network and IT revisions, organizations are pretty vulnerable right now. We’re especially concerned about essential services in the healthcare and financial sector.


That’s why if you’re making these revisions to your IT infrastructure, a DIY approach is not the best idea at this time.


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  1. Foster a Digital Culture

The only way to do transform into the remote business you need right now in a healthy, productive way is to establish and nurture a digital culture.


There’s a lot to learn about digital work culture. We’re here to help you learn the pillars of digital culture and how to start adopting one for your business.

Managed IT | IT Support | IT Services Edmonton


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