What are managed print services?

Posted by CBM on Nov 19, 2020 8:45:00 AM

The term Managed Print Services (MPS) refers to when an external service provider reduces some of your administrative workload by managing all of the printing needs of your business.

Typically, an MPS provider will handle:

  • Management of supply inventory and ordering,
  • Device installation and technical support,
  • Ongoing maintenance for your printer fleet,
  • Optimization of office workflows, and more.

These services are particularly attractive to office managers because a managed print provider’s primary goal is to maximize office efficiency to reduce costs.

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How do managed print services benefit me?

When you’re in charge of an office, your day is stacked from top to bottom. You need office solutions that alleviate your workload rather than add to it.

The following are some common pain points office managers tend to have when they’re looking into office automation and printing services.

I don’t have time to review endless queues of printing products.

Your time is at a premium. You cannot afford to waste precious hours sorting through product reviews and pricing comparison charts.

A good service provider will do this work for you. They will study your business and learn how your office functions. Once they have more insight into your protocols and workflows, a managed print service provider will recommend and select reliable printers and software that will ensure streamlined, hassle-free office automation for you.

I dread customer support calls.

Technical support calls are notoriously dull and over-complicated. You’ll find an around-the-corner service provider will be able to offer a more responsive service, and they’ll ensure higher service quality than a company who outsources their customer support.

For example, at CBM, we’ve implemented an after-hours customer support desk to make it more convenient for our clients to get technical support outside regular business hours. Our local representatives are more than happy to make support calls over the phone or in-person–whichever the client prefers.

I don’t want to deal with the hassle of changing over all my office technology.

Suffering the growing pains of learning new technology is tedious. Luckily, most service providers will find ways to limit the necessity for installing new devices in your office as much as possible. You’d be surprised how far you can optimize workflows with existing devices with just a little monitoring and advice from printing technicians.

For example, at CBM, we have an ongoing review process where we monitor printer performance to ensure everything is operating optimally at all times. Keeping tabs on your hardware allows us to conduct routine, preventative maintenance so any potential issues are flagged and handled before there’s actual a problem.

We find our maintenance protocols cut down significantly on system downtime, allowing your operations to continue running smoothly.

Manage printing and office efficiency

Managed print services are about more than simply overseeing the output of your printer fleet. Of course, that’s a big part of it, but it’s also about facilitating a smooth workflow from scanning to printing to document management and beyond.

One of our mantras is printing powers productivity. To us, this means harnessing various moving parts around your office and orchestrating them into a well-oiled (and well-toned) printing machine.

There’s more to learn, if you’re willing to read a little more. Get more information about managed print services that can help balance your workload.

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