5 Signs You Should Invest in Print Management Software

Posted by CBM on Feb 12, 2020 10:30:00 AM


You keep tabs on employees. Cleaning staff maintains your office. You call IT support to troubleshoot computer problems.

All these tasks are embedded in your operations, and you don’t question the need for them. Your multifunctional printers (MFPs) are a critical part of helping clients, advertising, closing deals, and keeping information flowing.

Doesn’t that mean someone should be overseeing and closely managing their performance?

Here are five telltale signs you need to start managing your printing.

1. You don’t know why your printers are costing you so much

That face you make when looking at your financial statements doesn’t look great. We’ve seen it a lot.

Costs shouldn’t be unexpected. With no eyes on your MFDs—i.e., no team or system monitoring paper output and overall usage—you risk printing getting out of control.

How do you know if employees are overusing a printer, or if they’re printing in colour when they should be printing in black and white? What if a device glitch is printing twice as much paper as expected?

Print management software makes all of these issues readily visible.

2. Your office is plagued with paper jams

The human race has built sophisticated civilizations. We’ve learned to communicate with people across the globe in seconds. We even made it to Mars.

Can you believe we still get paper jams?

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Printers have become powerful, but most aren’t immune from the occasional slip-up. When jams happen again and again, they slow down important work. One stalled printing job can bottleneck an entire team using that same printer.

Print management software reports these occurrences. And it doesn’t let the culprit printer get away with mischief for long.

With the right software, you get alerts and warnings when paper jams get out of control.

3. You can’t measure how much you print

What’s your average monthly print volume? Which MFPs are using the most paper?

If you can’t answer these simple questions, you’re in serious need of a print monitoring platform. Again, guessing games are costly. With more device usage, you’re replacing toner more frequently (which gets quite pricey), buying more paper, and increasing the need for maintenance and repairs.

Overprinting drains your resources from your budget—and you lose the potential to invest in growth initiatives.

4. Your business has multiple locations

Operating across several offices, with multiple printers in each one, makes it difficult to control costs.

No matter what location your device is in, print management software can show all your MFPs details and specs, from the number of trays to power usage and hours of uptime.

It saves you irksome emails and phone calls by giving you full visibility of your devices, all in one place.

5. You hate your printers

Scapegoating printers for all your problems can be cathartic. Underneath it all, though, we want harmonious relationships with our electronics. That’s why businesses hire IT support. Why treat printers any differently?

Here’s our golden rule: treat your printers the way you want to be treated. Yours matter a lot to us—because, after world peace, our biggest mission is to help businesses thrive.

Twelve years ago, CBM was one of the first providers of print management software in Canada. Click here to read more about it. Or, book a chat with us to get a closer look.

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