Why You Might Need a Business Technology Audit

Posted by CBM on Jun 11, 2020 9:20:21 AM

When hiring, you never settle for an “acceptable” employee. You’re never satisfied with just scraping by—you’re always aiming for financial growth. So, why don’t you treat technological efficiency the same way?

A technology audit (or an IT audit) is meant to give you critical insights into the current state of your business technology. When done right, it can identify the gaps in your organization’s operations that technology improvements can fill.

How do you evaluate the infrastructure of how your business uses technology? How can this lead to the development of customized solutions that increase productivity? Let’s show you what goes into a business technology review.


Does your internal or outsourced IT service need an audit?

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Technology audits are most often needed when leaders (executives, owners of SMBs, etc) don’t know what’s going on in their IT environment. Either they have an internal IT department that is maintaining a surprisingly expensive environment, or they may be outsourcing IT and not completely satisfied with it. And the company is continuously suffering from downtime or cyberattacks.

It’s frustrating to experience these problems when you’ve put your trust in dedicated technology experts working for or within your company. An audit brings in a third party to evaluate your IT environment from a more objective point-of-view.

Your internal IT staff might be doing their absolute best, but they’re often so busy maintaining the company’s network performance that they lack the time to look into alternative options for security, performance, and resilience. They might also lack the perspective of what other, more technology-efficient organizations are doing to fill in more subtle performance gaps.


Long-term benefits of a technology audit

  1. Improves cost-efficiency

When your technology audit reveals what systems you need to enhance or replace, the next step is a cost-benefit analysis to decide whether your proposed new solution is worth the investment. Renting a data colocation centre, for example, will add a monthly payment to your bill, but it will also cut costs on maintenance, repair, and staff.

If any of your existing technological tools are costing you huge management fees, your IT auditor should offer alternatives that will help you accomplish more with less.

  1. Increases productivity

A large, system-wide review of your technology infrastructure will undoubtedly reveal inefficiencies—maybe even serious bottlenecks—that are hindering your business operations.

Consider data storage and management. Many businesses that opened before the IoT age are plagued with file sharing inefficiencies. Improvements in the technology you use for your document management system (assuming you’re not only using paper) can mean the difference between hours and days of enhanced productivity.

  1. Enhances security

These audits can reveal subtle, insidious security risks that you might not have otherwise known. Consultants will look for poorly configured networks, software vulnerabilities, missed patches, or other gaps that cybercriminals can easily exploit.


How do we get started?

IT Services Audit | IT Service Providers | IT Consultants

Send out an employee survey that opens the floor to your staff. Ask them:

  • What tools do you wish you had?
  • How are your current tools working?
  • What isn’t working for you?

You may even want to interview staff or have your third-party consultant interview them. This is where a professional team or consultant will come in handy. If you allow an IT expert to get closer to the ground and dive deep into your daily operations in all departments, they can get a much clearer picture of what needs to improve.

Ask a managed service provider in Edmonton

If you’re planning for growth, a technology audit is absolutely necessary. It’s not just a way to make room for larger investments and growing staff. Ultimately, it gives your management team more time and focus to meet the core goals of your business.


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